Connecticut Renaissance Faire

Connecticut Renaissance Faire

Monday, Sep 2, 2019 from 10:30am to 6:00pm


Fantasy takes flight when you step back to the past at The 21st Annual Connecticut Renaissance Faire. It’s a time to play and unwind, to feast and drink, and a time to celebrate life the old-fashioned way. Watch shows on stages throughout the Faire, listen to minstrels and performers playing in the streets, and experience the ageless, old-world charm of a 16th-century village filled with laughter, romance, and good, old-fashioned family fun.

Faire Shows:

Timeless. Beautiful. Charming. Now is your chance to see for yourself why guests call our old-world marketplace New England’s crown jewel of Renaissance themed arts and crafts. If you like to shop for unique wares you won’t find in any store, you’ll love what our skilled merchants have to offer. As our show approaches this list will continue to grow.

Adventure! - Join us for an amazing interactive LARP that turns your whole faire experience into a giant game! Earn experience points and level up as a warrior, rogue or wizard. Join us on quests throughout the day.

Adamo Ignis Fire & Danger - Adamo Ignis’ is latin for ‘to fall in love with flame’. Exactly what you’ll be doing when you see the literally hot stunts in this group’s show! The passion of dance, the danger of fire, and of course many other stunts and tricks will leave you in love with more than just the flame…   

Princess Story Time - Tales and songs of adventure, heroes, dragons, and so much more! Princess Isadora and Adelaide will regale you with stories of life at court and that time THEY saved the kingdom & rescued the knight in distress. Yep, it really happened.

Live Flight Birds of Prey - Witness the beauty of these incredible birds of prey in flight. Watch them chase lures and perform for the audience.

Medical Demonstration - Soldiers are highly prone to injury and illness, which is why das Geld Fähnlein has skilled medical personnel on hand to handle emergencies as they arise. Covering everything from balancing your humours to amputating a shattered limb, the latest in medical knowledge will amaze and, likely, disturb you.

Princess Tea Time - Come and share a cup of tea with Princesses Adelaide and Isadora, as they share their stories, adventures, and games with you! Twice daily at the Princess Tea Time Tent

Weapons Demo by das Geld Fähnlein - Witness the latest in military technology and technique as demonstrated by the members of das Geld Fähnlein. From swords to guns, these Landsknecht are the most feared soldiers on the 16th century battlefield. Warning: guns will be fired.

Misfits of Avalon - Beautiful Contemporary and Traditional Celtic Music. The Misfits of Avalon are a collaboration between longtime friends Brian Weiland and Max Cohen. They are joined by Brian’s son Liam on percussion and cello, and his daughter Avalon on Celtic harp.

Historical Cooking Demo - 11AM and throughout the day at the Living History Encampment. An army marches on its stomach and the women of das Geld Fähnlein are experts at keeping those stomachs full! Campfire cooking produces amazing results in the hands of these skilled camp followers.

Armored Combat Demo - Watch as the Knights of Gore don full plate armor and beat the living daylights out of each other in an unrehearsed, no holds-barred, medieval battle.

Living History Camp – Das Geld Fähnlein - A Landsknecht reenactment unit out of Connecticut portraying soldiers of the Holy Roman Empire in the late 1520s.

Zoltan the Adequate - Zoltan brings that flavor to his shows with effects such as nearly cutting off his own arm, fire-eating or piercing his arm with a foot-long rod. He’ll do whatever it takes to (adequately) entertain his audience.

Spur of the Moment Jousting - Stunt and equestrian joust team.

Archery Demo with Master Archer Bill Darr - Come see the wonders of the bow in action! See demonstrations of the shooting and history of archery by Master Archer Bill Darr. See different weapons from the Renaissance such as the English longbow, European flat bow, and the crossbow.

Donkey Rides - Mount your noble steed and ride to battle… or maybe just take a tour of the shire. * Fee applies

Pet & Marketplace Weekend:

Open up a whole new world for your pet when you attend our PET & MARKETPLACE weekend. This is your pet’s chance to shine in daily contests and your chance to earn tickets to come back!

Owner & Pet Lookalike Contest: We’re looking for pets and owners that look the most alike. Match your costumes. Cut your hair the same way. Whatever it takes. The owner and pet that look most alike win!


$15 General Admission Ages 16+

$10 Youth Admission Ages 7 - 15

Free for Children Admission Ages 6 and Under