Exhibition - Abductions and Reconstructions

Monday, Mar 19, 2018 at 2:00pm


Combining unconventional materials in unexpected manners, Abductions and Reconstructions presents fresh takes on abstraction, collage, and sculpture.

Meg Hitchcock (right) uses sacred texts to craft intricate designs and imagery. The labor intensive practice of cutting minute details mimics the rituals and meditations contained in her source materials.

Ryan Sarah Murphy's (above) bright cardboard reliefs live in between the worlds of sculpture and painting. Her assemblages create what could be aerial views of farmland, architecture plans, or political maps of imaginary nations.

Liz Sweibel (right) uses both found and purposefully acquired materials in her precarious sculptures and assemblages. Speaking to her process, Sweibel says "I build [my art] using particular yet ordinary materials and gestures.

Curated by David Borawski.

The exhibit will be on view from Thursday, February 15 through Sunday, April 8.