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Connecticut State Museum Of Natural History

Connecticut State Museum Of Natural History
2019 Hillside Road

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As a member of the UConn community, the Connecticut State Museum of Natural History is part of a long academic tradition - a tradition founded not only on passing knowledge to future generations, but also on applying this knowledge to solve problems and improve the quality of people’s lives. The Museum has a unique role in sharing world-class scholarship about our region directly with the public, giving people of all ages new types of learning experiences and helping them make this information relevant to their own lives.

The Museum will take the first step toward long-term transformation with the completion of the second floor expansion later this year. Modest renovation of the Hillside Road building will create classrooms and exhibits for programming with the new Connecticut Archaeology Center , a unit within the Museum’s organizational structure. The project funding is a shared commitment of 21st Century UConn program funds and private donations, each accounting for half of the total project budget.

As we create permanent programming space for the first time in our 20-year history, we look back appreciatively at the past. Many devoted people have helped build the State Museum of Natural History and develop its intellectual landscape, turning challenges into opportunities and making this year’s expansion an accomplishment for us all.

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