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Ferguson Library

One Public Library Plaza

Our Mission
Provide free and equal access to information, ideas, books and technology to educate and enrich the Stamford community.

Our Vision
Inspire, promote and foster lifelong learning and personal growth.

Our Core Values
Advance Literacy: Nurture and encourage literacy.

Inspire a Love of Reading: Celebrate life-long learning.
Atmosphere: Create a safe, inviting and comfortable environment that is conducive to reading, studying, learning and engagement.
Access: Provide convenient hours and locations for the Stamford community and remote access via our website.
Accountability: Responsibility for providing quality customer-driven services.
Connections: Build relationships among and between individuals and community groups.
Creativity/Innovation & Technology: Encourage creativity, experimentation and innovation while utilizing the latest technology.
Diversity: Embrace the numerous cultures and races in the community.

Equality: Freedom from bias or favoritism.

Intellectual Freedom: Facilitate the free exchange of information and ideas.

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