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Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts

84 Lyme Street

The mission of the Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts is to provide the best education in Drawing, Painting, and Sculpture through study of the history, traditions, and principles of the fine arts and the Liberal Arts & Sciences, thereby establishing a comprehensive foundation for the development of the artist.

The College’s curriculum is based on a respect for traditional forms of teaching which have produced master artists throughout the ages. The studio curriculum is centered around the study of nature and the human figure. The liberal arts curriculum provides a strong academic foundation necessary for advanced critical and creative thought. Together the integrated program is designed to provide a practical foundation on which each student can develop his or her intellectual and visual articulation with confidence and integrity at a unique College of Art.

Therefore, the educational programs of the Academy seeks to develop:

* Craftsmanship and technical skill in the use of materials and methods;
* Discipline, as intuition and creativity are subjected to judgment and revision;
* Knowledge of the history of art, ideas and human experience;
* Critical thinking about ideas, events, intentions and issues in contemporary culture;
* Commitment to a relentless pursuit of excellence;
* Inspiration to fuel the intention and direction of the work;
* Respect and tolerance for authenticity and diversity in the search for intellectual and aesthetic integrity;
* Integration of the subjective, rational and technical in artistic practice.

Based on these principles, this distinctive Art College offers a strong, sequential program designed to develop intellect and imagination, intensity of observation, quality of execution, individual initiative and creativity, and depth of interpretation of ideas through artistic expression.

Ultimately, the Academy believes the Fine Arts are of unique importance as a defining and substantive element of society and life itself; further, that educated artists are individuals who not only articulate their culture but who give shape and substance to that culture.

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