Mashantucket Pequot Museum And Research Center

110 Pequot Trail

About the Museum:

The Mashantucket Pequot Museum and Research Center, a new state-of-the-art, tribally owned-and-operated complex, brings to life the story of the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation, and serves as a major resource on the history of the Tribe, the histories and cultures of other tribes, and the region's natural history.

Utilizing the latest in exhibit design and technology and based on years of discussion with Tribal members and scholarly research, the institution, with a total project cost of $193.4 million, presents multi-sensory dioramas and exhibits of eastern woodland and Mashantucket Pequot life. Films and videos, interactive programs, archival materials, ethnographic and archaeological collections, and commissioned works of art and traditional crafts by Native artisans are featured in the exhibits.

The 308,000-square-foot complex, whose research facility serves as a major resource for scholars and the general public on American and Canadian Native histories and cultures, is one of the most innovative and comprehensive centers of its kind in the United States.

Museum Collections:

The permanent collection emphasizes the eastern region of North America from the 16th to the 20th centuries, including toys, prayer books, cooking utensils, mats, blankets, and Southern New England baskets. Commissioned works of art and traditional crafts made by Native artisans are also in the collection. The collections will be featured in exhibits organized by the Museum and Research Center as part of an ongoing series of temporary presentations in the Mashantucket Gallery.


Laura Holland

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Beautiful, huge, Smithsonian quality museum. Seriously, if you live in southern New England, or are visiting, very worth a days visit (and it will take a good part of the day). Very informative with a lot of thought (and money) put into it. I really appreciated the incredible architecture and attention to detail of the history of a people and a place. My only wish is that it had an exhibit area appropriate for small children. We brought a five and three year old, but there aren't any interactive exhibit areas for kids, which really seems a shame considering the subject matter. I can think of many Native American related activities that would have really held their interest. It would also have been nice if there were knowledgeable real people in the village area (or elsewhere) that were demonstrating activities or that we could have asked questions of (maybe during the weekend there are live demonstrations). The other issue we noticed is that it's a little difficult to navigate the museum if you can't do stairs, since you have to take three different elevators to get from the lowest level to the cafe area. FYI the cafeteria has excellent unusual food with a native/local theme, and it's priced quite reasonably.

Lisa Griffin

Sunday, Aug. 6, 2017

Thank God for Jesus. My Native American families have provided me with the most beautiful experience. The grounds are pristine and the staff are very courteous. The museum was so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes and the observation tower had me speechless. I plan to visit again because I wasn't able to see everything in 2 1/2 days. The Mashantucket Nation is breathe taking & if you haven't visited yet, make your plans now. Thank you Mashantucket Nation. Thank you. Oh, and I stayed at the Two Trees Inn and it was wonderful.

Melissa Molfetto

Friday, Sep. 22, 2017

My family really enjoyed learning about the native peoples of the American northeast and the Peqout tribal nation in particular. The model of the village was absolutely fascinating and the tribe's specific history was emotional and inspiring. I felt that it was really important that my children gain an understanding of the history of native Americans from a non-European perspective. This experience taught us all so much.

Donald Osburn

Thursday, June 29, 2017

I had an amazing time here! I took my family here for the first time because my wife loves history, especially native American history. We bought a membership immediately because I knew we would be back. Also, because we went on this particular weekend, they had a special members only tour of the archeology lab. It was definitely interesting! The exhibits are so lifelike and really paint a vivid picture of the every day lives of the Pequot Indians during that time. If you have the opportunity to visit, do it and get a membership, because it make take two or three trips to experience everything and see everything.

Virginia Boylan

Thursday, Oct. 26, 2017

Outstanding, if one-sided, exhibit of a tribal history. I would need more than one day to thoroughly examine everything.