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New England Air Museum

New England Air Museum
36 Perimeter Road

New England Air Museum is one of Connecticut's most interesting attractions. It houses more than 80 aircraft and an extensive collection of engines, instruments, aircraft parts, uniforms and personal memorabilia. Within this collection are the last remaining four-engine American flying boat, the Sikorsky VS-44A; a B-29 Bomber; the Silas Brooks Balloon Basket (1870), the oldest surviving aircraft in the United States. The museum hosts lots of special events, many of them welcoming to children interested in the history of aviation. This is a great stop for families looking for weekend activities. Open daily, year-round.


The New England Air Museum is committed to presenting the story of aviation, the human genius that made it possible and the profound effects that it has had on the way in which we live. We achieve this by:

Preserving and presenting historically significant aircraft and related artifacts

Engaging our visitors through high-quality exhibits that help them understand aviation technology, history and the stories of the men and women who built, flew and made history with these famous machines

Inspiring students through our innovative and hands-on education programs delivered on-site and in schools that allow them to discover and reflect on aviation technology and history and its ties to social studies, science, geography and technical advancements

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