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Oddfellows Playhouse

Oddfellows Playhouse
128 Washington Street

Our Mission:

Oddfellows mission is to build essential life skills through the performing arts.

Our Artistic Vision:

We believe in the creation of artistic work that invites our participants to pose questions about their world. We believe in work that creates a foundation of theatrical knowledge. We believe in an artistic product that is relevant to our world, our lives, and our time. We believe in an artistic environment that welcomes innovation and allows for the full exploration of new ideas, and welcomes creative risk.

Our Values:

Diversity: We believe in teaching our students to respect their peers, value their differences, and become more aware of cultures other than their own.

Responsibility: We believe our students are capable of great things and by communicating clear expectations, we help students learn to fulfill their responsibilities and rise to those expectations.

Quality: We expect the highest possible outcomes from our programs, our teaching artists and our students. We will challenge our teaching artists and participants to reach great heights.

Growth: We believe our programs help our students to develop and mature as part of their experience. We see ourselves guiding that process.

Respect for the individual: We believe in the inherent value and uniqueness of every person.

Access: We believe all students have a right to participate in our programs and we will work to remove barriers (financial, 

geographic, physical, emotional) that prevent access for all students.

Kindness: We believe in treating all people with kindness and respect and teach our students to do the same.

Teamwork: We believe in the power of teamwork and in the collective success that comes with theatrical performance.

Safety: We provide a space that is physically and emotionally safe for our students, our staff, and our volunteers to take risks to create great art.

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