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Orange Historical Society

605 Orange Center Road

About Us:

Founded in 1964, the Orange Historical Society strives to collect and preserve those items of history that pertain to the settlement of Orange as well as the surrounding area. 

In addition to protecting the history and the future of the Town of Orange, the Society maintains the Stone-Otis House, a restored 1830's homestead, The Academy, which was built in 1878 and now serves as a museum housing the Mary Rebecca Woodruff Research Center, and the Bryan-Andrew House, a 1740 residence built by one of the earliest Orange families in the area then known as Bryan's Farms. 

The Orange Historical Society maintain three historical buildings; 1830 Stone-Otis house, 1740 Bryan-Andrew, and The Academy.

We are a non-profit society dedicated to protecting history and educating the public on the history of the Town of Orange in particular and Connecticut in general. We have 3 buildings, 2 of which are open to the public for tours in the summer and by appointment in the winter. 203 795-6465

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