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Real Art Ways

56 Arbor Street

Real Art Ways is an alternative multi-disciplinary arts organization that presents and supports contemporary artists and their work, facilitates the creation of new work, and creatively engages and informs audiences and communities.

Provide Space
Real Art Ways uses its space to support alternative and challenging artistic points of view and engage audiences as an integral part of the work.

Present Contemporary Art
Real Art Ways presents culturally diverse contemporary work that builds and serves a culturally, economically and generationally broad audience.

Support Artists
Real Art Ways supports emerging and established artists and provides unique social and intellectual opportunities for a broader creative community.

Engage in Dialogue
Real Art Ways is committed to engaging its publics in dialogue, which explores esthetic, cultural, and social issues.

Build Community
Real Art Ways integrates artists and innovation into creative development of communities.

Sustain Capacity
Real Art Ways professionally manages diversified funding, personnel, and other resources to build sustainable capacity.

Real Art Ways is not affiliated with AmericanTowns Media