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Vernon Rockville - Ron-A-Roll Indoor Roller Skating Center

85 South Frontage Road

Ron-A-Roll Skating Center, Founded in 1991, it is  located conveniently off of Interstate 84 in Vernon, Connecticut. Open skate, endurance parties and classes for adults and children are offered at Ron-A-Roll. Group discounts, rentals and lockers are also available. There are video games, a food counter, a pro-shop and space for private parties. Ron-A-Roll Indoor Roller Skating  is an indoor rink and open year round. One of the many fun family places to go if you're looking for things to do with kids. Come and enjoy the wholesome family atmosphere, 14,040 square foot beach wood skating surface. High quality precision roller skates available for rental.


Denise Carroll

Monday, Feb. 19, 2018
Needs some TLC, handyman type work... There should be rules against kids going against traffic, cutting directly across, holding hands 3-4 wide blocking flow of skaters, etc... Can't wait to try an Adult Night. Good price for Cheap Skate night with free pizza, but they should be better prepared with pizza ready for all those skaters. I was in line for pizza, got to the counter and they put up a sign, "back in 5-10 minutes" because pizza was not ready. Overall, was good, got exercise and the girls enjoyed themselves.

Chris Petersen

Sunday, March 4, 2018
Four stars for the fact that this place even exists. It's a little run down, but if you want to skate it's nice to have this place available. The snack bar is expensive and they don't have a grill. If you get a cheeseburger it will be microwaved. There are a smattering of arcade games but the main attraction is the skating. They rent skates too.

Michele Greissle

Saturday, March 3, 2018
Place was nice, but there are some issues. There needs to be something done about child/ teenage supervision , kids cut across the cones several times and cut in front of me . I could have/ or child could have gotten seriously hurt. Their needs to be more staff more strict with these kids about the rules . Safety should always be a number one priority. Also , why are cell phones allowed in the rink ? Shouldn’t that pose the same issue for driving and texting , not safe in the rink. Also, too many people hanging out on side of rink, not skating making it extra crowded for those who actually wanted to skate . If you are not skating in the rink then you need to get out . One staff member commented that I had my sweater around my waist, but honestly there are bigger safety issues and liabilities at this place then my sweater. Besides the few hurdles this place was nice , but definitely needs to have more safety measures and more staff in order to prevent serious liability issues .

Sandy Jeamy

Saturday, March 3, 2018
The place is ok... Only there's no supervision teenage are out control, pushing down small children who trying to learn how to skate, also the place need more clearance Lighting its too dark for all child safety, anybody can fall down at the end of the skating floor and you can't see it... That's supposed to be a child's place not a night club... REALLY COME ON LIGHT UP THE PLACE WILL BE MORE FUN... THANKS 🙏...

Ella Osleger

Tuesday, Jan. 2, 2018
I love this place! The staff is hard working and I always get greeted with a smile! Whenever I go to Ron a Roll I have a fun time with my family and it's like a home away from home. The food is tasty and every thing is clean. The skating service is great!

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