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Vista Lounge

1 Mohegan Sun Boulevard

Vista Lounge at Wombi Rock inside Mohegan Sun is a true ultra lounge. Relax in plush coves and VIP sections or enjoy our intimate dance floor with sounds from our state-of-the-art, near-field, bi-amped 60,000 watt sound system that will transform the room. The bar menu offers bubbly cocktails, creative cosmos and delicious dessert martinis. The room also features two custom designed blackjack tables and a view of the entire gaming floor while under the stars. Located in Casino of the Sky at Mohegan Sun.


Spooky Mumbles

Sunday, Jan. 21, 2018

Very condescending staff. Not only do they have a stupid dress code, but when my fiance and I were in line, they were incredibly rude to him. They could have been like, "We have a dress code and we can't allow T-shirts, I'm sorry about that" but instead they like almost were looking down upon him because he wasn't dressed up enough. Meanwhile girls wearing shirts for dresses totally fit the dress code...*eye roll*. You know the dress code is messed up when they allow people in who are practically naked and they don't allow guys wearing T shirts and jeans in. I was wearing leggings and he would have let me in for crying out loud. Sooo stupid. Rude guy. Uppity staff. Uppity atmosphere, hypocritical dress code, just a stupid place in general with bad ideas and snotty security. The only reason I would go back is to tell that one security guard that he needs to fix his crappy attitude. Thanks for ruining my night, Vista Lounge.

Jodi Bleaks

Tuesday, Feb. 27, 2018

Terrible. Tried to contact manager and no one has gotten back to me. Left to go to bathroom and not allowed back in for friends birthday party. A private room was rented. It was horrible and the staff was rude and acted like they were above everyone because they had on black suits. They need to treat people with respect and not threaten people...


Monday, Dec. 11, 2017

Water down drinks. After complaining about the drinks. Security refused to let me back in. So I told them how can I pay for the tab if you don;t let me in. My family is in side. The security said I don't care. So i walked away and then they call the cops for not paying the tab. Stick to the beers. They can't rob you like that.

Billy Lemp

Monday, Feb. 26, 2018

Terrible plays don't go to the bathroom you won't be allowed back in....

Bryan F

Sunday, July 30, 2017

If I could give zero stars, I would. After only ordering one beverage, someone in my party left to use the restroom. Upon his return, they told him he could not re-enter because his "pupil's looked dilated." My friend was very polite, but the staff became rude and condescending towards us after we questioned their decision. Despite only having ordered one drink each, they were treating us as though we were incoherent. This, however, was the tip of the iceberg. I sent a very politely-worded email to the Vista Lounge afterwards to express my concerns, and they did not even give me the courtesy of a response or simple apology. On another previous occasion, they would not let a friend in my party into the venue because they wanted a "second form of ID" to his state license, which he did not have, because he only brought his perfectly-valid state license, as most people do when going to a bar. On yet another previous occasion, they would not let a friend in because he was wearing shorts- despite the fact that he had a knee brace on after having surgery. They finally let him in after I told them they were discriminating against someone with a clear medical condition. On yet another (a fourth) previous occasion, they would not let my guest visiting from Europe in, because her foreign passport was not "suitable identification". Clearly the staff at Vista Lounge are not properly trained. We will never be returning to Vista Lounge. Their drinks are overpriced, their staff is condescending and rude, and they clearly do not care about their customers.

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