The 10 Best Skate Parks in Connecticut!

If you’re looking for the perfect spot to showcase your skills and mingle with the skateboarding community in Connecticut, these skate parks are the spot. Featuring empty pools, ramps, rails, quarter pipes and so much more, seasoned skaters and novices will find exactly what they’re looking for. So grab your skateboard and enjoy these 10 best skate parks in Connecticut.

1. Newtown Skate Park, Newtown, CT

Located in Dickinson Park, the Newtown Skate Park is suitable for skaters and bikers. It boasts pools, ramps, rails, and more. If you’re looking to shred, this is the place to be. Additionally, Dickinson Park has other facilities including tennis courts and a playground. Before you go, learn about their rules and hours on their website.

2. CT Skate Park, Bristol, CT

The CT Skate Park is an indoor skate park that was established in 1987. Ever since its opening, the park has been inviting in skateboarders in the area to practice their movies. The park also features lessons, a shop, and private parties for your and your friends. 

3. Groton Skate Park, Groton, CT

Tony Hawk, one of the most legendary skateboarders of all time and a household name, visited this skate park in 2009! Located in Sutton Park, Groton features flat rails, extensions, quarter pipes, and so much more. Make sure you leave your bikes at home for this one, as they don’t allow any. 

4. Milford Skate Park, Milford, CT

Featuring quarter pipes, rails, ledges, and hurdles, this park is free to use for skateboarders, in-line skaters, and bikers. This is the perfect place for the seasoned skateboarder, or one who’s just strapping on the knee pads and helmet for the very first time. You can find the Milford Skate Park in the Edward T. Austin Sports Complex. 

5. Middlefield Skate Park, Middlefield, CT

Located in the large Peckham Park, which also has baseball and soccer fields, trails, playgrounds, a basketball court, and more, you’ll also find a small skate park. This hot spot for skateboarders features quarter pipes, ledges, and ramps. After, enjoy other features of the park like a picnic area where you can cook up a bite to eat with your friends.

6. Wolcott Skate Park, Wolcott, CT

Located in Peterson Park, you’ll find a skate park and several playgrounds, which you can utilize for no cost. Peterson Park is made up of over 65 acres of space. Featuring a flat to mini half pipe, this is an excellent spot for skateboarders to practice their moves and later relax in the fine Peterson Park. 

7. Eightsixty Custom, Hartford, CT

This skate shop and skating area features half pipes, rails, ramps, and more. Eightsixy Custom is appropriate for an older crowd. The park is covered in interesting graffiti and frequently invites local bands to play, cultivating the perfect laid back atmosphere. 

8. Rampage Skate Shop and Skate Park Equipment, Bridgeport, CT

Both a skate shop and skate park, the Rampage Skate Shop is a popular spot for bikers and skateboarders. You’ll find ramps, spines, rails, pools, flat rails, and more. This skate park has numerous obstacles and also sells equipment, just in case you’re looking for some new gear. 

9. Edgewood Park Skate Park, New Haven, CT

Located in Edgewood Park near Whalley Avenue, you’ll find a skate park, basketball court, running trails, playgrounds, and a dog park. It doesn’t matter how much experience you have either, all skateboarders are welcome. 

10. Jennings Beach Skate Park, Fairfield, CT

The skate park at Jennings Beach is free to use, but staff must be present. Opened in 2009, the park features pools, ramps, and rails in the beautiful town of Fairfield. 

Whether you are a new or experienced skater, you’ll find a skate park for you in Connecticut. You’ll also find a couple of great skate shops with accompanying parks to test out your new equipment.

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