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Cork and Brew

Cork and Brew
35 North Main Street

Cork & Brew is owned by Kristin & TJ Michalski who live in West Hartford, but love the town of Southington so we decided to open our shop here.  We both grew up and have resided in Connecticut for most of our lives. 

We have backgrounds in making beer & wine at home and have been doing so for many years.  Our family, friends and colleagues have also enjoyed our hobby since we have an endless supply of whatever beer or wine they would like in our cellar.  Plus we give out our wine and beer for special occasions and holidays and it's always a big hit!

We decided to open Cork & Brew because we love making good beer & wine and we wanted to share this experience with you.  The beer brewing and wine making experience is easy, fun and less expensive than buying elsewhere. Please go to our Beer & Wine Making page to find out about our on premise brewing and homebrew supplies. 

You can check out our Wine or Beer Making Party page for that unique at home beer or wine making experience with friends and family. Gift baskets & gift certificates are always available.  Lastly, make sure you keep up to date on our Calendar of events page and/or sign up for Cork & Brew's newsletter to follow events, specials and other fun announcements.

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